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The massive changes that globalization has brought to all areas of life has created grave concerns for both personal safety and the protection of investments located in critical areas around the globe.


International borders, and the restrictions they impose, are becoming antiquated lines drawn on a map and paid assassins, suicide bombers,terrorists and crime syndicates treat the world as their oyster.


They stalk their targets irrespective of borders or codes of conduct. Finally, corporate organisations and companies around the world fall victim to crime syndicates and terrorist activities. It is under these circumstances that Africa Risk Mitigation Services (ARMS) confidently and discreetly offers their services within the framework of international laws.


Integrity & confidentially is at the heart of our approach and we pride ourselves on keeping it that way. Even if it means saying no or perhaps disagreeing with client views,integrity is a cornerstone of our approach to business.



Through a network of specially trained and qualified operatives, we bring you expertise that is supported by a global group of security experts.


Our dedicated work ethic, shared knowledge, and proprietary security systems, ensures that we meet the specific and discrete needs of our prospective clients.


ARMS project assessments, proven rapid mobilisation abilities, project management support and client based operational imperatives contribute to a cost effective supply of security services.


ARMS benchmark is our quality management, selection of staff and the skill of our operatives, all of which to ensure a client driven first-rate service mindful of financial, security and contractual imperatives.


ARMS commitment to technology and innovation in all theatres ensures that we are able to deploy the most appropriate security plans, operatives, techniques and technical support, resulting in secured productivity and quality of service to our clients.

Africa Risk Mitigation Services provides professional security for personal safety and the protection of investments, and security against crime syndicates and terrorist activities, within the framework of international laws

A Diverse Team of Industry Experts

One of the differentiators that make Africa Risk Mitigation Services particularly competitive is the team of experts we have assembled through different professional bodies, recruited from elite specialists units around the globe.


As a result, we offer unparalleled diversity and in depth experience in providing and developing customised security solutions for our clients.


Our main objective is to enhance security services for our clients so that they can draw  maximum benefits from what we have to offer.


We support our clients in any way possible, and provide world-class risk and security guidance and solutions for corporate enterprises.

Our past operations have taken us to several dangerous locations around the globe where we had the privilege to experience firsthand, local terrain, cultures and security risks, which gave us a clear understanding of any existing or potential threats as well as the requirements needed to execute successful operational procedures.

In hostile territories or conflict conditions there are no time-outs.

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